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AppSuit Radar

Cyber Security Solution

Cyber Security Solution
Cyber Security Solution Cyber Security Solution
Radar Mobile App Threat Monitoring Cyber Security Solution
AppSuit Radar is an intelligence-based monitoring cyber security solution that responds against advanced mobile cyberattacks and prevents any further attacks by predicting and analyzing cyberattack data

Main Functions

  • Collection of cyberattack data
    Collects and manages cyberattacks data of the apps that distributed in millions of devices in the central cloud
  • Zero-trust Approach
    Constant monitoring, analyzing, and responding to all expected attack situations
  • Integrated Monitoring
    Cloud-based integrated monitoring/security platform for mobile hacking threats
  • Analysis and Visualization
    Analyze collected data and visualize statistics

Example of Product Use (Real-time threat analysis screen)

Cyber Security Solution


  • AppSuit AI analysis on the accumulated global cyberthreat data (collected on 50 million devices with AppSuit applied apps)
  • Prediction and response against various cyberattacks
  • Technical support from STEALIEN hacking/security expert group against cyberthreats
    (Won awards in several international and national hacking contests and has experience of finding 0-day vulnerabilities of global vendor companies, such as MS and Google.)