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AppSuit Premium

Total Mobile App Security Solution

App Obfuscation
App Obfuscation App Obfuscation
Premium Total Mobile App Security Solution
AppSuit Premium is a total mobile app security solution that protects the app from various hacking attacks using app obfuscation and anti-tampering technologies.
It has been used by many financial firms and other companies in Korea and has been verified
for its safety.

Main Functions

  • Anti-tampering
    • Anti-tampering
    • Jailbreak & Root prevention
    • Emulator detection
    • Anti-debugging
    • Memory hacking prevention
    • Anti-decompiling
  • App Obfuscation
    • Character string encryption
    • Function renaming
    • Class encryption
    • API hide
    • Control flow change
  • Real-time Management
    • Provides admin panel
    • Logs tampering attempts
    • Real-time scanning and responses against threats
    • Security settings can be turned on and off
    • User & app custom security policies
    • Server log scans and user management
  • Other Supporting Functions
    • Beta tests for new devices/OSs before release
    • Constant upgrades against evolving cyberthreats
    • Quick and accurate technical support and maintenance service

Product Application Method

  • Client application gets built (archived) after AppSuit plug in (library) installation and gradle setting configuration in client's app development environment.
  • AppSuit gets applied to the client APK/IPA automatically after it gets uploaded/downloaded into the build system
  • The build system (in web service form) is required to apply AppSuit to the client APK/IPA
App Obfuscation App Obfuscation


  • Designated as the best quality product several times in the POC and BMT evaluation by financial firms and large corporates
  • Acquired 1st grade GS(Good Software) certification, and patents for its great technology (Android, iOS)
  • Provides effective app security management by supporting app obfuscation and anti-tampering functions
  • 100% self-developed technology allows quick and flexible response in technical support and maintenance service