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Cyber Drill System

Cyber Drill System
Cyber Drill System Cyber Drill System
Drill System
Cyber drill system provides interactive training environment for cyber-attacks/defenses by simulating cyber-attack environments and scenarios, such as Web and Reversing.

Main Functions

  • Develop and provide contents
    • Provides various contents including web, App, IoT, system, network, and malicious codes, in both one-way and two-way formats
    • Clients can access Cyber Drill System and download cyberattack education contents and study the cyber-attack scenarios
    • STEALIEN is capable of conducting further researches in areas of cyber-attacks which the clients require
  • Contents management
    • Can edit contents’ name, description, and total score
    • Can edit contents’ settings
  • Management Functions
    • The administrator can manage the system with various menus, such as manage conversations, teams, users, user progression status, etc
    • The administrator can manage the entire system

Product Application Method

  • Cyber drill system can be accessed from the client server, after the system module installation, or the STEALIEN server
  • Cyber drill system is accessed through webpage after its installation
  • Clients can access the webpage to consume contents or utilize the administrator mode
Cyber Drill System Cyber Drill System


Frequent content upgrades
  • Provides frequent updates on the system contents with the 0-day vulnerabilities discovered by the STEALIEN technology research lab
  • Incorporates hacking scenarios established during the mock hacking into the system contents
Acquire Practical Capabilities
  • Acquire practical capabilities through hacking practices
  • Acquire attack/defense ability to respond to actual hacking attacks through attack/defense training
  • Self-evaluation of the security of internal systems is possible based on acquired skills
Identify the Trends of the Latest Technology
  • Acquire the latest hacking skills similar to ransomware in training contents
  • Continuous follow-up on new hacking technologies


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