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Company Welfare

STEALIEN is searching for the talented people that will establish the future security

Support Generous support
  • Latest equipment provided upon employment (Computer, etc.)
  • Support for purchasing books for self-development and work (no limit)
  • Lunch and dinner provided(if worked overtime of 1 or more hours, separate from Overtime pay)
  • 100% tuition reimbursement for graduate schools
  • Provide leave during competitions and conferences, expenses supported
  • Supports family occasions, business transportation expenses, and children’s school expenses
Rest Comfortable Rest
  • Vacation days increased with each year of employment.
    (3rd year of employment: accrued leave of 24 days)
  • Massage chair in lounge
  • Free snacks and drinks
  • Gifts for all employees on special holidays
Special Designated for alternative military service company
  • Can serve as Technical Research Personnel, Skilled Industry Personnel
  • Industrial Engineer Qualification

Current Openings



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